I’ve Been Denied A Life Insurance Policy! What Now?

Getting rejected is never easy, whether it's a declined college application, an unreciprocated right swipe, or a denied life insurance application. Life insurance is never easy to get, but it's even more difficult when you're denied. Most insurance companies use a process called underwriting to determine premiums and overall eligibility. Each insurer's guidelines vary, so it may not necessarily mean you can't get insured elsewhere. We'd walk you through the following steps and options if your application were declined.

Ask for More Information

To determine your risk, life insurance companies look at many different factors during underwritings, such as hobbies, family history, health, criminal history, and age. As a result, each insurance company sees risks differently. For example, company A may decline you due to a specific health condition, while Company B may still accept your application. The easiest way of discovering why you've been rejected is to contact the insurance company and let them explain why.

Review Your Case

Once you have the reasons for getting denied, you can make sure the insurance companies have their facts straight, so you and the company are on the same page. Sometimes, people are denied for reasons like incorrect, out-of-date, or insufficient medical information. If you find the data sent back by the company inadequate or wrong, you have the right to appeal. When you demand the decision and have new facts presented in your request, it can help get things back on track! The best way to appeal to insurance companies is to provide them with up-to-date information provided by your doctor.

Check with Your Workplace

If you have been denied life insurance, it's essential to check with your employer. Although group term plans may not offer coverage 10–12 times your income, they will give you enough time to start an individually owned policy, thus providing benefits during emergencies such as death or injury. In addition, group plans usually do not have out-of-pocket costs. But, you may have to supplement them to receive a larger payout or extra benefits.

Talk to a Life Insurance Agent

If you haven't already, speak with a life insurance agent. A good life insurance agent is a great resource to call in the event you have been denied. They know the ins and outs of underwriting and can help pick up on any issues with your application. So, an agent should be able to pick up on and work around any red flags in your application that might have caused your denial.

Allow for a Waiting Period

There are many reasons why we can get denied life insurance. It's essential to play the waiting game and take time to correct any health issues that caused your denial, such as lowering cholesterol or blood pressure if necessary for you. If possible, in this situation, try again with a new application after adopting healthier habits and lifestyle choices. You could start with eating more nutritious food, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking. Don't give up!

Apply for a Different Policy

 If you find yourself in a challenging situation, don't give up hope just yet! If other routes like employer-offered policies aren't available or affordable in some way-medical exams might not apply—then consider one no medical exam plan. There are some no medical exam life insurance plans out there that can provide coverage. Even though they may seem more limited than regular policies do on paper, these options offer something if nothing else does and will at least allow your family financial stability while waiting for other alternatives.

Life Insurance has become essential for many people as it provides their families with a legacy and financial support in unfortunate circumstances. But, if you're struggling to get approval for life insurance, it can be hard not only on your wallet but also in terms of peace of mind. But, you need not worry. There are still ways to get life coverage with no medical exam and low premiums while you wait on the right life insurance policy to come your way. Getting a temporary no-medical exam life insurance policy is an excellent option while you follow the tips given above to get the right coverage for yourself and your family. 

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